AdVans, AdBikes & AdTrailers from Gorilla Media offer a cost-effective mobile outdoor advertising solution

Operating in London and across the entire UK, Gorilla Media offer a range of mobile advertising vehicles and ambient advertising solutions including 6-sheet poster Advertising Bikes (AdBikes) 48-sheet poster Advertising Vans (AdVans) along with single, double and triple mobile digital billboard displays.

For over 15-years Gorilla Media has been delivering high-impact, cost-effective mobile billboard campaigns, which can be used as either a standalone guerrilla marketing tactic, as part of an OOH (Out Of Home) advertising campaign, or full media mix.

Following a pre-scheduled route specific to the target audience, these mobile advertising vehicles, which are always manned, operate in areas giving the greatest exposure for the Clients message. They are more targetable than traditional static billboard advertising, roadside advertising, transport advertising, or other forms of outdoor advertising media.

Static billboards have long been regarded to deliver effective advertising. Mobile billboards advertising as provided by a Gorilla Media in the form of advertising trailers (Ad Trailers) advertising vans (Ad Vans) and advertising bikes (Ad Bikes) gives a new dynamic to this proven medium.

AdVans image
Each side of the Gorilla AdVan measures 20ft x 10ft (over 6 metres x 3 metres) the size of a standard 48-sheet static roadside billboard.


AdVans (Digital Display) image
A range of single, double and triple screen Digital Display AdVans from 6 to 15 square meter high-resolution LED display for close-up viewing.

AdVans (Digital Display)

AdBikes image
Gorilla AdBikes offer an ideal advertising solution for town centres. The double-sided 6-sheet display (1200mm x 1800mm) is the same size as a bus shelter Ad.


AdWalkers image
Branded uniforms and a double sided banner help Gorilla AdWalkers pre-qualify the message before issuing a leaflet.


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