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Gorilla Media promote IconBlu in Brentford

Gorilla Media used an advan to promote IconBlu's development in Brentford. The advan operated in the area for 14 days in September 2018 creating a lot of exposure for the new properties.

Mobile Billboard Advertising Creative Guidelines

Mobile billboard advertising in the form of advertising vans (AdVans) advertising bikes (AdBikes) and advertising trailers (AdTrailers) can be a very effective medium, but like all advertising is only as effective as the message it communicates and most importantly, how that message is delivers to best effect.

The viewing audience of the ad van, ad bike or ad trailer advertisement are on the whole mobile with people either passing in vehicles, or walking past the advertising vehicle to their destination. This limits the potential viewing time of an outdoor advertising message to only a few seconds.

The limited exposure time to the outdoor advertising message requires a more considered creative approach. The following guidelines are designed the assist in the production of effective mobile billboard advertising:

  • Use short copy; no more than 10 headline words

  • Use bold images and vibrant colours on a contrasting coloured background

  • Make the ad work from a distance that can be absorbed on the move

  • Keep the design simple and uncluttered

  • Make sure that text and logos are legible; hard to read text will detract from the overall message

  • Consider the location and who you want to respond to the ad

  • Focus on one key message or idea

  • Make sure the entire message can be read in 5 seconds

  • Keep it simple; don't overcrowd your message with detail you would include in a press ad or leaflet

Full production technical specifications can be found at http://www.mobile-billboards.co.uk/production

See, Park & Ride AdVan Message

With just a few shopping days left before Christmas, city centre parking can be a nightmare. Bus operator Stagecoach have deployed a Gorilla AdVan campaign to deliver a£1 a day Park & Ride message right at the point of decision to motorists heading into Doncaster city centre at this peak retail period.

This illustrates the flexibility of the medium of mobile billboards and specifically advertising vans to deliver such a tactical message, in such a timely manner.

AdVans, AdBikes & AdTrailers from Gorilla Media offer a cost-effective mobile outdoor advertising solution. With a fleet of mobile advertising vehicles including 6-sheet poster Advertising Bikes (AdBikes) 48-sheet poster Advertising Vans (AdVans) and 96-sheet poster Advertising Trailers (AdTrailers) outdoor advertising company Gorilla Media, offer mobile outdoor advertising solutions for businesses and organisations across the entire UK, delivering high-impact, cost effective mobile billboard campaigns, which can be used as either a standalone guerrilla marketing tactic, as part of an OOH (Out Of Home) advertising campaign, or full media mix.

European Ad Van Campaign Comes to London

Following Gorilla Ad Van campaigns in Brussels, Copenhagen and Stockholm last month, International dating site VictoriaMilan have commissioned Gorilla Mobile Billboards to stage a campaign a little closer to home this time with advertising vans operating in Central London. 

VictoriaMilan are a dating agency with a difference; aimed at married and connected individuals they operate on the premise that it is sometimes better to have an affair than separate. All of the ad van campaigns to date have feature prominent European personalities, politicians and even royalty, some who have taken legal injunctions to stop these high-profile mobile billboard campaigns.

The week long campaign features the Scottish independence theme to promote the controversial VictoriaMilan message. Featuring First Minister Alec Salmond in a Braveheart guise and Prime Minister David Cameron it carries the headline 'have an affair, don't burn the flag'. And it is hoped that as in other European cities, the mobile poster campaign will be picked-up extensively by UK media featuring the very visible AdVan banner in their coverage.

Advertising guru David Ogilvy once said 'your poster should be a visual scandal' and the VictoriaMilan Advertsing van campaign certainly gets the tongues wagging.

Mobile Billboards Christmas Retail Campaigns

First weekend of December and the first of many Christmas retail mobile billboard campaigns for Gorilla advertising vans and advertising bikes.

metrOasis the latest development at the world famous MetroCentre shopping complex in Tyneside strategically position Gorilla AdVans to direct traffic from the main arterial roads and AdBikes operating within the perimeter of the centre itself informing customer of the exiting new retail experiences.

To see more images of campaign shots go to the Galleries section of this site.

Free Mobile Billboard Banners

For a limited period Gorilla Media are offering FREE advertising banner production with every 7-day booking of 48-sheet advertising vans (Ad Vans), 6-sheet advertising bikes (Ad Bikes) or 96-sheet advertising trailers (Ad Trailers).

The reusable PVC advertising banners are guaranteed for life while being used exclusively on Gorilla advertising vehicles and can be stored by Gorilla between campaigns.

This very special offer is designed to introduce new customers to the precisely targetable and cost-effective medium of mobile billboards however, existing or returning customers are welcome to take advantage of this offer, which is subject to availability on a first come, first served basis.

To check availability and make a booking click on Get a Quote at the bottom of this page or call 0333 500 5001.

‘Go Home Advertising Vans Awarded £200,000 Research Grant

Researchers have been awarded £200,000 of taxpayers' money to look into the impact of the Government's controversial 'Go Home' advans aimed at illegal immigrants.

The significant grant comes despite the high-profile billboard trucks drawing intense criticism from both the Labour, the Liberal Democrats and UKIP.


Yvette Cooper, shadow Home Secretary, attacked the advertising vehicles for using language borrowed from the Nation Front and Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister, was vocal about his opposition of the campaign.


Theresa May, the Home Secretary, announced that the Government would be dropping the scheme after acknowledging that advertising vans were "too much of a blunt instrument” in the fight against illegal immigration.

Civil liberties and human rights campaign group Liberty, fought fire with fire and hired Gorilla Media to operate an ad van campaign to hit back at the Home Office's anti-illegal immigration mobile billboard message.

The 18-month research project, jointly led by the University of Glasgow and the University of Warwick, will attempt to assess the "wide-ranging impacts" of the scheme.

Researchers from across the country will conduct interviews, organise large-scale surveys to work out how the campaign influenced community ties and public debate.

"Understanding the impact of the 'Go Home' poster trucks and related campaigns is crucial," said Dr Emma Jackson, a Glasgow academic who will help lead the research.

"We need to understand how such policies affect the lives of migrants, local communities and good community relations."

The £200,000 research grant has…

38 Degrees Use Gorilla AdBikes Against No Gagging Law

Followed successful campaigns against nuclear waste storage in Cumbria, NHS cutbacks across the UK, and election debate in Eastleigh, lobbyist organisation ‘38 Degrees’ turned again to mobile billboard contractor Gorilla Media to voice objection to what has become known as the Gagging Law proposed by the UK coalition government #NoGaggingLaw.

This time Gorilla AdBikes were briefed to cover specific constituencies where the MPs for that area were staging public meetings on the issue. The objective of the advertising vehicles was to ensuring people attending the meeting where aware of public opinion against the legislation and the public at large where encouraged to attend helped by the  distribution of leaflets by the ad bike rider.

The advertising bikes also offered the opportunity for TV and press to use the mobile posters as a backdrop for photographs and interviews.

After the Solihull 38 Degrees event coordinator Ken Band sent the following email: 

Hi, David

Following last Friday's 38 Degrees Gagging Bill promotion, I just wanted to let you know how helpful your man Tony was throughout the whole day; as well as the town centre presence, he became a living interactive signpost to the actual event itself, outside the hard-to-spot venue.

As well as his presence and his leaflet distribution, his frontline feedback about the promo material itself was shrewd and helpful for the future. He doesn't mind putting in the hours either. . .

Top geezer, Tony!

Thanks to you and your Adbike team for helping us make the most of a short-notice event.

Best regards

Ken Band
For 38 Degrees in the West Midlands

Longest Advertising Van Route Ever

Gorilla Media embarked on their longest AdVan campaign for a single Client in its 12-year history and managed to reach Copenhagen and scheduled to go on to Stockholm despite setting off during the worst storm to hit the UK and North West Europe in over 25 years.

David Ogilvy once said ‘it pays to make your poster a visual scandal’ and the controversial affair website VictoriaMilan certainly grab the headlines when their mobile advertising billboard supplied by Gorilla Media tours the capital cities of Europe.

Featuring high-profile figures, personalities and politicians in Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Poland the campaign has been featured heavily in regional, national and international press and TV news programmes in each of the target countries.

Liberty hits back against Home Office's racist advertising van

Human rights group Liberty responded to the Home Office’s immigration ‘Go Home’ campaign with an advertising van of their own. The Gorilla AdVan was briefed to target government buildings in central London and reassuring residents in the same boroughs targeted by the Home Office.

Liberty, the civil liberties and human rights campaign group, has launched a mobile billboard to hit back at the Home Office's anti-illegal immigration mobile campaign.

Liberty's AdVan supplied by Gorilla Media, hit the streets of London and asks the Home Office to "Think again" about its anti-illegal immigration tactics, which also included random visa checks and Twitter updates about illegal-immigration arrests.

The mobile response carries the slogan, "Stirring up tension and division in the UK illegally? Home Office, think again", attacking the Government department van’s slogan, "In the UK illegally? Go home or face arrest."

The Gorilla advertising van circled the Home Office and Westminster and then travel to Kensal Green and Walthamstow, the two London boroughs targeted by the spot checks.

Isabella Sankey, the director of policy at Liberty, said: "What better way to sow mistrust and division than the latest Home Office activities? Offensive vans pedaling racist slogans and spot checks on the streets are as un-British as they are unlawful."

The Home Office’s mobile billboard campaign faced widespread criticism after it launched a few weeks ago, with many taking to Twitter to complain using the hashtag #racistvan.

Newcastle Racecourse go ‘ One Step Beyond’

Utilising Gorilla Media’s 96-Sheet AdTrailer regular clients Newcastle Racecourse are currently promoting the upcoming Madness concert to be held on their grounds.

On 28th June Madness will be taking to the stage following the days racing at the Northumberland Plate Festival. The team at Newcastle Racecourse are thrilled to host the Ska legends and requested Gorilla Media bring out the big guns to give maximum exposure in the lead up to the event.

Almost twice the size of a standard billboard the AdTrailer can be positioned as a static site or maneuvered through a specific route-plan during an 8-hour day.

Northgate North West

Vehicle hire company Northgate approached Gorilla Media as their requirements simply could not be met by the standard advertising mediums (static billboards, press, etc.) Specifically, targeting busy professionals and tradespeople in the vicinity of their North West branches.

Using Gorilla AdVans Northgate were able to deliver their message on busy arterial routes at rush hour, business parks, trade counters ,and local football stadiums such as Old Trafford with attendances of 50,000 +.

Displaying 48-sheet banners (the same size as a standard static billboard) Gorilla AdVans are a cost effective alternative with no wastage, maximizing exposure to the right people at the right time.

Driving Buyers to Orchard Homes

Commissioned by the  appointed advertising agency LeePeck Group, Gorilla Media have been key in ‘driving’ potential clients to the new Copsewood Park development near Southampton. Along with a radio and press campaign, the Gorilla AdVans have been utilised by Orchard Homes to target busy retail parks and arterial routes, maximising exposure to potential home buyers.

A spokesperson for Orchard Homes was quoted as saying  “… enquiries have been coming in thick and fast with two homes being reserved in the first two days".

Gorilla Media work with some of the most well-known Ad-Agencies/Media Buyers in the UK and are always keen to develop new relationships in the industry.

Van Monster II - The Sequel

Van Monster II - The Sequel 

Following the success of the 4 week Scottish campaign, Van Monster booked Gorilla Media to roll out the 48-Sheet AdVans to promote the North East branch. As in Scotland the mobile billboards have been targeting trade counters and builders merchants throughout their catchment area, resulting in direct exposure to the “white van man” clientele.

"We pride ourselves on the presentation of our AdVans" commented Daniel Graham, campaign coordinator at Gorilla Media, "but it is of particular importance on this campaign as we our reflecting the Clients brand image and selling quality used commercial vehicles at the end of the day. It helps that the Gorilla AdVan fleet are all under 4 years old" he added. 

Builders Merchants & Bacon Butties

Van Monster, the national commercial vehicle group are currently using Gorilla AdVans to promote the opening of their new Showroom in Glasgow. Targeting trade counters and builders merchants throughout their catchment area, as well as the occasional greasy spoon. Gorilla AdVans are targeting ‘White Van Man’ owner operators hard at work.

 The client specifically selected Gorilla AdVans because of the unique ability to track the advertising vehicles in real time throughout the operation via the all new Gorilla Web site.

The campaign was the first to be planned and booked via the Gorilla web site using the on-line tool.

38 Degrees

Lobbyist organisation ‘38 Degrees’ probably thought it was a long shot when they contacted Gorilla Media to provide 3 AdBikes with riders to be outside the Cumbrian Council offices the very next day.

The objective was to influence council members as they entered the building before debating voting on the issue to allow nuclear waste to be stored underground in their area.

Artwork was received at 3pm and banners met riders at Carlilse and were in position at the first location in Carlilse for 8am the next morning. The AdBikes and message reached a larger public when the AdBike banners where used as a backdrop to interviews on regional and national BBC TV coverage.

“ Logistically  it was a bit of an undertaking" said the Gorilla Media operations director David Roberts “ with AdBikes coming from a job in Glasgow and banners and personnel converging at the 3 meeting points in Carlisle, Maryport and Whiteheaven for this time-critical operation, but we pulled it off” He went on to say “38 Degrees thought this must be some kind of record, but that honour stays with the Flybe campaign whose AdVan was in position for a press launch in Ediniburgh 3-hours after receiving  the booking”. Oh and by the way the vote was won and the Nuclear dumping in Cumbria blocked. 

Where’s my AdVan?

Gorilla Media have unveiled a unique AdVan tracking system. By logging-on to the tracking module on the all new Gorilla web site, Clients can see the location of their AdVans in real time, or view and print an historic snail-trail of where the vehicle has been with the route, parked positions and duration. In addition by inputting an email address the report can be emailed automatically each day of the campaign; no more waiting for hand written reports and along with the GeoTagged photographs the new tracking system offers Gorilla Clients total transparency.



Planning a marketing campaign in January?

The new planning /booking tool gives total price transparency and allows you to customise your campaign to suit a specific budget. 

Add products, banner sizes, campaign dates… then simply click to receive an instant quote.

Plan, price, and book your campaign today!

Is your business getting enough exposure this Christmas?

North Point Shopping Centre have successfully utilised a Gorilla Media AdVan to promote their festive events. Displaying a 48-sheet banner the AdVan was strategically located in the surrounding areas and busy approach roads, increasing awareness and footfall.  Located in Bransholme, Kingston Upon Hull North Point Shopping Centre required a cost effective medium to highlight these date specific events, and a mobile billboard was a cheaper alternative to press.

Children in Need

Situated at Alnwick Castle in North Northumberland, Alnwick Gardens acted as an official host for this year’s BBC Children in Need appeal. Gorilla Media were delighted to donate signage for the occasion. The AdBanners were used as a backdrop for the children’s choir to display the location during the National BBC TV coverage. This year’s appeal has so far raised over £26 million.

Gorilla Media; Official Media Partner of the UK Longest Bike Ride 2012

Gorilla Media are Official media partner to the Macmillan Cancer Support cycling challenge – the UK's longest bike ride 2012 from Land's End to John O’Groats.

Ciarán Devane, Macmillan Cancer Support CEO siad “We are delighted to have the support of Gorilla Media. Macmillan’s ambition of reaching and improving the lives of everyone living with cancer and inspiring millions of others to do the same becomes reality when people are able to go that extra mile, just as the cycling team will be doing in September" . She went on to thank  all those involved in this fantastic event. "We simply couldn’t do it without their support.” she added.

To make a donation: http://www.justgiving.com/team-longest-ride.

Rolling out the big guns!

Gorilla Media's unique 96-sheet 'A' frame AdTrailer ready to hit the road promoting Ladies Day at Newcastle Race Course. In conjunction with a 20,0000 household leaflet drop, we understand that tickets are selling fast.

New Gorilla AdVan hits the streets

The latest addition to the Gorilla AdVan fleet on its maiden voyage for Stagecoach throughout Tyne & Wear this week - God bless her and all who sail in her.