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Blimp Rental

1 day: £790

2 consecutive days: £980

3 consecutive days: £1,150

4 consecutive days: £1,350

5 consecutive days: £1,590

6 consecutive days: £1,790

7 consecutive days: £1,990

All prices are subject to vat

Prices Include:

  • Graphics on both sides.
  • Fully trained operator.
  • Helium fill and top-up
  • Civil Aviation and Police liaison (as necessary)
  1. The operator's day is 8 hours - or part thereof.
  2. The operator has the final say on whether the balloon is to fly or be brought down, depending on the prevailing weather conditions.
  3.  If the booking is cancelled an administration fee will be charged.
  4. Secure, overnight, storage for the inflated balloon is to be supplied by the client
  5. If this is not possible, there will be an additional charge for refilling the balloon with helium.