Advertising Blimp Rates

AdBlimps offer an Aerial advertisement that pinpoints your location.

1 day: £790

2 consecutive days: £980

3 consecutive days: £1,150

4 consecutive days: £1,350

5 consecutive days: £1,590

6 consecutive days: £1,790

7 consecutive days: £1,990

All prices are subject to vat

Prices Include:

  • Graphics on both sides.
  • Fully trained operator
  • Helium fill and top-up
  • Civil Aviation and Police liaison (as necessary)


  • The operator’s day is 8 hours – or part thereof
  • The operator has the final say on whether the balloon is to fly or be brought down, depending on the prevailing weather conditions
  • If the booking is cancelled an administration fee will be charged
  • Secure, overnight, storage for the inflated balloon is to be supplied by the client
  • If this is not possible, there will be an additional charge for refilling the balloon with helium
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