Mobile billboard advertising in the form of advertising vans advertising bikes and advertising trailers can be a very powerful medium. However, like all advertising, it is only as effective as the message it communicates and most importantly, how that message is delivered to best effect.

The viewing audience of the ad van, ad bike or ad trailer advertisement are on the whole mobile with people either passing in vehicles or walking past the advertising vehicle to their destination. This limits the potential viewing time of an outdoor advertising message to only a few seconds.

The limited exposure time to the outdoor advertising message requires a more considered creative approach. The following guidelines are designed the assist in the production of effective mobile billboard advertising:

  • Use short copy – no more than 10 headline words
  • Use bold images and vibrant colours on a contrasting coloured background
  • Make the ad work from a distance that can be absorbed on the move
  • Keep the design simple and uncluttered
  • Make sure that text and logos are legible; hard to read text will detract from the overall message
  • Consider the location and who you want to respond to the ad
  • Focus on one key message or idea
  • Make sure the entire message can be read in 5 seconds
  • Keep it simple – don’t overcrowd your message with the detail you would include in a press ad or leaflet

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