Mobile Billboard Case Studies

Gorilla Media rely primarily upon repeat business from satisfied Clients and their advertising agencies, who for the last 18-years have kept returning to Gorilla Media to supply outdoor media solutions. Select a client module below to see how they have utilised Gorilla Media products to communicate their marketing message.

Benefits of Mobile Billboard Advertising

The fleet of advertising vehicles can also act as a staging post from which to issue leaflets or for field marketing personnel in product sampling campaigns. They operate wherever people congregate; main arterial routes, shopping centres, major sporting fixtures, entertainment events, conferences and exhibitions. Delivering the message to the heart of the target market.

  • Low entry costs delivering high-impact campaigns
  • Stand out from other advertising forms
  • Available 24 hours a day 365 days a year
  • Divert traffic away from competitors
  • Short lead-in time
  • Big impression from a different medium
  • Delivers message immediately before point of purchase
  • Target customers where they congregate
  • Use as PR or promotional backdrop
  • Flexible guerrilla tactic
  • Solus placement: the message is not competing with other ads
  • Tactical positioning
  • Option of digital display for multiple messages
  • Weight-up static poster campaign in low penetration area
  • Use as spoiler in close proximity of competitors
  • Signpost location on main routes
  • Illuminated for evening/twilight operation
  • Receptive audience with no distractions
  • Integral sound system to convey live PA, recorded messages or atmospheric music
  • GPS (Global Positioning System) for accurate campaign analysis
  • Cost effective – compare the rates against other media

Clients we have had the pleasure promoting include…

House of Fraser Logo
Hilton Logo
Vauxhall Logo
Morrisons Logo
Primark Logo
Bellway Logo
Barclays Logo
Ryanair Logo
esure Logo
Clarks Logo
Cooperative Food Logo
Transport Scotland Logo
Matalan logo
NatWest Logo
Ikea Logo
Taylor Wimpy Logo
British Heart Foundation Logo
Stagecoach Logo