Help Section Operating Accessibility Statement

Any device or software capable of displaying web content can access information from this website, including text-only browsers, audio browsers, screen-reading and screen magnification software. A small number of site visitors using older and non-standards-compliant browsers will notice a less visually rich site design. While all browsers will display the content, the use of these older browsers may affect how this content appears visually on the page.

We have also taken care within the design process to create a site, visually and structurally, that is well organised and easy to understand. Image galleries are implemented without requiring Flash so as not to exclude any users from this content.

How do I get around your site?

You can access any area of our site from the main navigation at the top of the page. Quick links for quotes, products and important information are also repeated at bottom of pages and in links where relevant.

I find using a mouse difficult – is there something else I can use?

You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard. The up and down arrow keys will help with scrolling the page upwards and downwards. You can also jump to the top and bottom of the page using the page up and page down keys.

We have designed navigational elements of the site to be within easy reach of each other to minimise any scrolling needed.

Touch-sensitive mobile devices including modern smartphones, and tablets including the iPad, provide excellent alternatives to using a mouse, as they require little more than a fingertip swipe to browse the web easily. Our website can be viewed with mobile and tablet devices if you choose to use it with these.

The text is too small for me to read – how can I change it?

Our website has been designed with body copy sizes and clear headlines to aid legibility. You can set your web browser or even your entire computer or device to enlarge this text further if you need, and customise your accessibility settings.

Instructions differ depending on what computer operating system you use, refer to your operating software help section for further instructions.